R. KELLY mocked; Alleged $2million Net Worth

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R. Kelly’s net worth is so low that many people claim to be richer than him – that is, if you trust a website’s estimate of his net worth… which is negative. Celebrity Net Worth updated R. Kelly’s page earlier this year, listing his entire asset value as negative $2 million… something the Internet appears to have only recently discovered, including one 42 Dugg, who was howling over the news. He shared a video of himself laughing with his friends while they taped different headlines (all pointing back to CNW) about Kelly’s latest purported figures.

Ditto for the rest of Twitter, where users are making jokes about how they’re technically wealthier than the one-time R&B icon, who is currently embroiled in numerous criminal trials, one of which is set to conclude, with jury deliberations having begun. As for how Celebrity Net Worth arrived at the -$2 million figure, it appears they’re simply quoting a storey we broke last year in which R. Kelly told a judge via court documents that he owed Uncle Sam nearly $2 million in back taxes… which he cited as a reason why he wouldn’t be a flight risk if released on bail. He was shot down by the court, and he has remained in detention since. Now, whether or not R. Kelly has a negative net worth is pure guesswork — but one thing is certain: the man appears to be cash-strapped, and has been for years. Back in 2018, he admitted as much in song, calling himself “broke.”

Of course, he’d been struggling on the commercial front long before “Surviving R. Kelly” aired, as various streaming companies removed his songs and some venues refused to book him for performances. And, with the addition of a slew of attorneys who have been in and out of his office for at least two years… you can only imagine the legal fees he’s piled up.

Speaking of lawyers, we went out to his existing team to ask if they’re working on this Brooklyn case pro gratis or if they’ll be paid. There has been no response yet.