Ras Mubarak Says Achimota School Board Should’ve Been Dissolved For Disrespecting GES, MoE

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Previous Member of Parliament for Kumbungu, Ras Mubarak, says the one-sided choice by Achimota School to put a directive on the execution of a judgment and the choice to request against the decision of the High Court to concede the two Rastafarian young men, was a disregard to the Ghana Education Service and the Ministry of Education.

The educational committees of lead representatives had at first chosen to freeze the court request to concede the two Rastafarian young men in front of an allure, however, repealed their choice after the Minister of Education got down on them.

The previous Kumbungu official chastized the foundation for not counseling GES, the Ministry of Education, and the Attorney General before thinking about additional lawful activity.

“Without a plan of action to the Ministry and the Chief Legal Adviser for me was a demonstration of indiscipline. That is the reason I said, in the event that I was the Education Minister, I would have broken up the board for the discourtesy.”

Mr. Mubarak exhorted that since the establishment “isn’t working in a vacuum” yet under GES which is inside the organization of Ministry of Education, “after the court administering, what should they have done is to offer a response to the Ministry to request the following stage of activity. Additionally, look for legitimate guidance which is the situation of the boss lawful counsel [Attorney General], then, at that point, they could be prompted appropriately even though they can be sued and sue.”

He reprimanded the board’s acting for “displaying bourgeoise propensities of not having any desire to regard minority choice or to have minority bunches in the school”, adding that the school’s class battle, supporting its endeavor to “put an order on the authorization of the actual decision makes one more troubled.”

This activity he says encroaches on the right of the youngsters since the guardians and establishments’ obligation of care is that “each kid in Ghana approaches training as cherished in Article 28 proviso 4 of the constitution.”

Ras Mubarak presented the defense that regardless of Achimota School reserving “the option to challenge the decision, “at any rate the wellbeing of the kids should be viewed as first. As a general public that is the thing that we should be helped to remember. Is it to the greatest advantage of the youngsters to have taken these two children through this extremely tortious route.? For me it is exceptionally dismal” he noted.

The two young men, Tyrone Marhguy and Oheneba Nkrabea were denied confirmation by Achimota School over their refusal to cut their dreadlocks which is an image of their Rastafari religion.

The young men were at long last conceded after a notable decision after they sued the school for victimizing them and shortening their admittance to instruction based on religion.

The court administering by Justice Gifty Agyei Addo held that the Attorney-General neglected to give legitimate support regarding why the privileges of the two Rastafarian understudies to schooling ought to be restricted based on their dreadlocks.