Records Set Straight – Mr. Asiedu Nketias Son wasnt Sacked by GPHA because of his Exposure.

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On the 21st of May 2020, the General Secretary of the largest opposition party in Ghana; Mr. Johnson Asiedu Nketia (Popularly known as General Mosquito) granted an interview to the AM Show on JoyNews; a private television station in Ghana and in this interview Mr. Nketia was heard on video accusing the Ghana Ports and Harbors Authority for squeezing a private company for his son to be sacked. See below the quote from a portion of that interview;

“My son is out of work. He happened to be working with a private company at the harbor. Now that private company operates with a government license, then the management of the GPHA squeezed that private company and insisted that until my son is sacked, the license will be withdrawn so my son had to be sacked, he told Mamavi Owusu Aboagye on the AM show.”

Deep throat source within the GHPA has sharply debunked this unpleasant allegation made by the General Secretary of the NDC by stating the facts as it is. In an interview with over the matter, it was revealed that;

  1. Mr. Johnson Aseidu Nketia owned and operated a Stevedoring Company named Kayab Co. Ltd and this company was managed by his son.
  2. Kayab Co. Ltd had the permit to operate at the Port as a Stevedore Company through a License.
  3. This License was issued to Kayab Co. Ltd by the Ghana Ports & Harbors Authority and it is subject to renewal as mandated by law.
  4. Somewhere in 2017/2018 in a routine review of Permits and Licenses conducted by the GHPA, Kayabs License was revoked as a matter of principle.
  5. Kayab Co. Ltd was not the only company who had its License revoked but it included three other companies by name;

(i) Port Futures Co. Ltd
(ii) Sirlab Co. Ltd
(iii) Redsea maritime services Co. Ltd

The source categorically and emphatically stated that the Ghana Ports & Harbors Authority does not engage in Witch Hunting or political vendetta-ship therefore did not revoke the License of Kayab Co. Ltd because it was for Mr. Nketia. GPHA strictly upholds professionalism and operates on Global Standards therefore the allegation made by Mr. Nketia is blatantly untrue and did not reflect the actual. It is untrue that Mr. Nketias son was sacked because of his exposure as a son to the General Secretary of the largest opposition party in Ghana (NDC).

Mr. Nketia’s son isn’t easily identifiable at the Port therefore Mr. Nketia’s assertion is false. was further informed that due to the current large number of operators at the Port, it will be impossible to issue new License or renew any.

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