Requirements to become A Member of Floyd Mayweather’sTeam (TMT)

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Floyd Mayweather has never been known to be the shy and retiring type.

In fact, his much-rumoured comebacks regularly get fight fans in a frenzy as to what he might get up to next.

As well as his supreme skills in the ring, he is very well known for the glamorous life he leads outside of it.

If you have ever wondered what it might take to join his team, some of the steps you have to take have been revealed in a YouTube video, and we must warn you, there are some strange requirements. It is safe to say it is not your average job interview.

To become part of Mayweathers crew, the first requirement is to be able to carry and guard a large amount of cash. One of Mayweathers crew carries a duffel bag with cash, and he has been known to carry anywhere between $80k to $250k at one time.

The second key requirement of being part of Mayweathers team is to be a very large human being. One of his core team stands at 7ft tall and is certainly not a skinny guy either.

The size requirement is so crucial to the American that he has made sure that he has not one, but two private jets to take his entourage wherever he goes.

To ensure that they do not go over the weight limit for one plane, he decided that a second private jet was a necessary purchase. Remarkably, before he bought his second plane, he used to charter another plane to ensure that all the members of his team got to their destination safely.

Another requirement to be part of Mayweathers team? You must be prepared to attack anyone who tries to get near to him or has been seen to wrong him. 
He even has a couple of code phrases for when people should attack, and those are ‘Sick them’ and ‘Form Voltron’

Rumour has it that Mayweather got some of his entourage to settle a dispute with two former employees that were alleged to have stolen from him. It is alleged that this matter was not settled in the court room, but by other means which by you would usually see in a boxing ring.

As well as being Mayweathers bodyguard, you are expected to become his personal assistant too. It was rumoured that when he visited a high end jewellery store in New York, the former boxer demanded that one of his team go out and buy fried chicken for him whilst he decided what he was going to buy from there.

As you can imagine, it is not your average job.

It is rumoured that Mayweather pays his team a healthy $150k salary, but it’s not always in the form of a bank transfer every month. He has been known to pay his team bonuses in the form of Rolex watches and Mercedes Benz cars.

Definitely not your standard 9-5 job, but potentially a lot of good parties and fun along the way.

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