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Rotational Nurses threaten to strike, demand unpaid allowances

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The Rotational Nurses and Midwifery Association (RNMA) have issued a two-week ultimatum to the Ministry of Health, demanding the immediate release of financial clearance for outstanding allowances. Failure to comply within the timeframe will result in strike action.

Over GH₵12,000 in allowances remain unpaid for the July batch of rotational nurses and midwives, according to the RNMA. They allege multiple letters sent to the Ministry since September 2023 requesting the release of financial clearance for payment have gone unanswered.

The RNMA leadership in a statement criticized the government’s inaction, claiming it harms the health, well-being, and financial stability of their members and further jeopardizes the Ghanaian healthcare system. They threaten a strike within two weeks if the Ministry fails to address their concerns promptly.

The RNMA urges the Ministry of Health to expedite the release of their financial clearance and calls upon the Ministry of Finance to take immediate action. They further seek support from the Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association (GRNMA), the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Ghana, and other stakeholders to pressure the government for a swift resolution.

While demanding swift action, the RNMA leadership advises its members to remain calm and determined while pursuing a resolution through appropriate channels.

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