Russian Navy missile ship destroyed or damaged in Kerch, Crimea VIDEO

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Nov 05, 2023 at 01:07 in Accidents by Mikhail Voytenko

Ukrainian forces in the evening Nov 4 struck Kerch port in Crimea with missiles Storm Shadow/SCALP-EG, damaging shipbuilding/repair yard and port infrastructure. Numerous different sources including Russian official and social, confirm the strike and report damage or destruction of Russian Navy small missile ship ASKOLD – a Karakurt-class corvette, newest and most modern ship of Russian Black sea Fleet. The ship was laid in 2016, launched in 2021 and presently ASKOLD was completing construction works at Kerch shipyard. ASKOLD could carry and fire among other missiles, KALIBR class missiles, most destructive for Ukrainian cities and civil infrastructure, so hopefully the ship was either destroyed or damaged so seriously, that it won’t be a threat to Ukrainian people in foreseen future.

Russian Navy Karakurt-class corvette ASKOLD: Laid 2016, launched 2021, to be commissioned, displacement 870, speed 30 knots, length 67 meters, complement 39, armament missiles Kalibr, air defence missiles, air drones Orlan.