Ryanair and Boeing reach an agreement on a significant 737 MAX 10 deal

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On Monday, Ryanair said that it has terminated talks with Boeing (NYSE:BA) on an important new order for Boeing 747 jets due to disagreements over cost. A total of 210 solid orders for the 197-seat MAX 8-200 type have been placed by Ryanair, making it the largest European client for the 737 MAX to date.

 A large order of the 230-seat MAX 10 could be placed by the end of the year, the company announced in July. One of Ryanair’s significant orders would have been a major boost for Boeing’s MAX aircraft, which was grounded for 20 months following two catastrophic disasters.

 Last week, Ryanair Group CEO Michael O’Leary cast cold water on the prospect of a swift resolution, saying he would be astonished if an agreement was achieved by the end of the year. On Monday, he stated that negotiations had broken down due to a lack of pricing agreement.