Samia Suluhu Hassan calls for urgent funding of climate change

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President of Tanzania, Samia Suluhu Hassan, during the United Nations Climate Change Conference United Kingdom 2021 called for an urgent unraveling over climate change financing that will trigger plans target. According to her, ‘ we know what is required and we know that if the world would not act accordingly, then countries like ours with low adaptive capacity have no option than to brace for more impact.’ She said the time to act is now.

President Samia Suluhu Hassan also stated that the developed countries should scale up their measures and mitigation on climate change by providing predictable and adequate funds to enable the low income countries to achieve ambitious national sustainable goals.

‘We have experienced unpredictable floods and droughts; we have experienced all these despite our resolve to dedicate 48million hectors to forest conservation as global services to carbon consequences,’ she stated.

She disclosed at the conference that Tanzania constantly experiences adverse conditions like rising sea level constantly wearing away arable land, Mount Kilimanjaro gradually becoming bald due to melting glaciers, and Zanzibar struggling with temperature raises that are impacting the tourism ecology.