Seek economic assistance from IMF to save the economy from troubles – Finance Lecturer

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The government has been encouraged to look for financial help programs from the International Monetary Fund to bring back life into the Ghanaian economy.

Previous Finance Minister, Seth Tekper as of late asked the government to consider a “Local” or “Outside” program to rejuvenate the economy which has been burdened with high obligation and financing hole, halfway due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The undulating impacts are high fuel costs and expanding average cost for basic items.

Head of Finance Department at the Valley View University, Dr. Williams Peprah, disclosed to Joy Business the nation has no alternative than to get back to the IMF.

“Even though we fear going to IMF, however most likely where we end up as a country we may need to view at that alternative too. It is clear we have not had the option to fund-raise from inside our nation to help our projects, so the following choice is to search for an outside party [multilateral institution] to come in. This is the place where we get ourselves”.

“I’m certain government is taking a gander at it, yet if the choice isn’t taken quickly, it will influence their program. The government won’t zero in on improvement, and on the off chance that you take a gander at the financial plan… it is clear particularly thing one which is payment and pays installment. From how it is going, we need to break that cycle by getting help from outside the country and our smartest option goes to our old buddy the IMF which I know likewise accompanies a few imperatives”, he further illustrated.

Proceeding, Dr. Peprah said “we need to check the efficiency and the numbers at our public assistance; there is a sort of bungle there. In this way, IMF coming in will be taking a gander at that ordinariness; that is the IMF’s technique – they will initially check your pay charge – and it’s additionally upheld by financial matters which states on the schedule of misery the main thing you do is to cut your work”

Ghana recharged its marriage with the IMF in 2015 where it looked for US$918 million advance to help balance out the economy.

Previous Finance Minister, Seth Tekper, as of late required an obligation manageability program – regardless of whether ‘Local’ or ‘Outer’ to rebuild the nation’s obligation.

The country’s obligation has hit impractical levels as practically half of tax income is utilized to settle interest installments, while wages and pay rates additionally burn-through a sizeable sum, leaving little space for financing capital and infrastructural projects.

Talking at the lady PFM Tax Dialog Series which focused on the financial economy, Mr. Tekper said such a program to smooth out the country’s obligation is important to keep away from obligation default.