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Senegal: Migrant turned businessman runs for presidency

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2024 official up-and-comer Mbaké Sarr emigrated to Italy in the mid 2000’s. Today the Senegalese-conceived is focusing on the West African nation’s administration.

Mbaké Sarr has an official aspiration. The 51-year old money manager who joined Italy as a traveler laborer over 10 years prior is presently running for the Senegalese 2024 political race.

Relying on his experience abroad and his family and work networks in Senegal, the up-and-comer desires to lead his country towards a brilliant future.

More promising time to come
Assuming he concentrated on electronic designing in Dakar and was made a beeline for Canada, he at long last couldn’t manage the cost of the excursion and came rather to Italy where he worked in tomato fields in the area of Apulia (Southern Italy).

Ten years prior, he made a hiring office since he needed to permit travelers such as himself to have standard contracts.Today, he oversees up to 100 workers.

Reviewing his own decision, he said: “The least I accept I can accomplish for Senegal – regardless – is to attempt to help the nation change its circumstance. To make our children and our grandsons live better. To make it so they are not pushed to leave and hazard their lives attempting to arrive at Europe any longer.”