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Senegal has declared that its long-awaited presidential election will now take place on March 24th, following a ruling from the highest court deeming a proposed postponement beyond April 2nd unconstitutional.

The current President, Macky Sall, faces an imminent expiration of his mandate on April 2nd whic was originally slated for February 25th, the election was postponed by President coup by the opposition.

However, President Sall’s subsequent proposal to reschedule the election for December sparked violent protests, which eventually tarnished Senegal’s reputation as a beacon of democracy stability in West Africa.

A proposal from the national dialogue commission to hold the election on June 2nd was rejected by the Constitutional Court, further intensifying the political tension in the country.

Meanwhile, President Sall dissolved the government and appointed a new Prime Minister, Amadou Ba, according to a statement from the presidency. Ba serves as the presidential candidate for the ruling coalition.

One significant development emerged as parliament passed an amnesty law on Wednesday, could potentially leading to the release of opposition leaders and supporters detained on charges of unlawful assembly. However, with the election date fast approaching, the timing raises doubts about the chances of jailed opposition leader Ousmane Sonko being able to participate in the electoral process.