Sentinel, a decentralized VPN ecosystem, has partnered with Panther Protocol

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Panther Protocol, a decentralized privacy meta-protocol that enables confidential, trusted transactions and interoperability with DeFi, has now teamed up with Sentinel, a powerful protocol that enables the development of third-party and white-label decentralized Virtual Private Network (dVPN) services that are interoperable with both DeFi and Sentinel.

Sentinel is a blockchain-based decentralized bandwidth marketplace that allows anybody to construct a Virtual Private Network and gain access to distributed bandwidth resources, allowing users to act as both suppliers and consumers in the network. Users’ web traffic is most likely encrypted end-to-end, with no entity having access to a user’s info. To give users with end-to-end anonymity, the Panther wallet intends to integrate the Sentinel DVPN token. Clients and customers will be able to deploy private blockchain solutions built with Panther technologies by offering technical help and guidance throughout the integration and maintenance processes.

Oliver Gale, co-founder of Panther and pioneer of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), says: “We know the internet collects data every time people interact online. People were sold a false promise with Virtual Private Networks or VPNs, but in reality, security cannot be guaranteed with vulnerable centralized VPNs.” “A single VPN company can be compromised at any time – an issue that Sentinel addresses through decentralized VPNs or dVPNs.” Srinivas Baride, CTO of Exidio, a development arm that builds tooling on the Sentinel network, “We address the issue of censorship resistance dVPNs and are delighted to combine with Panther to provide privacy for assets moving on these ecosystems.

We look forward to being able to distribute private solutions built using Panther Technology to our enterprise clients and customers.”