Shippers Authority calls for professionalism among Upper East Police to promote transit trade

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Senior Police Officers in the Upper East Region have been encouraged to overhaul their degree of polished skill to support travel exchange exercises on the country’s shipping lanes.

This came up during a refinement course coordinated by the Ghana Shippers’ Authority (GSA) in Bolgatanga on travel exchange through Ghana’s significant travel halls.

The Authority said it had seen that the country could be recording higher travel exchange assumes if cops manage travel transporters all the more expertly.

It is assessed that travel exchange offers north of 134 million cedis to Ghana’s economy.

Opening the class, the Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Shippers’ Authority, Ms. Benonita Bismarck, in a discourse read for her sake, highlighted the significance of the courses on travel exchange for Police Officers with the target of advancing travel exchange through Ghana’s halls.

She praised the Ghana Police Service for its job in getting the travel passages of Ghana. She additionally complimented the responsibility of the Ghana Police Administration, headed by the IGP, Dr. George Akuffo Dampare, for the consistent coordinated effort between the GSA and the Police Administration to open up the country’s travel passages to travel transporters of Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger.

She anyway noticed that there were a few difficulties looked by travel transporters, carriers and domesticated animals dealers along the significant travel passages of Ghana because of the different police designated spots, delays, and related provocations of transporters.

She approached the Police Officers conveyed along the hallway to guarantee demonstrable skill in their cooperations with transporters to keep away from deferrals and provocation which adds to the expense of shipments.

She noticed that the Police play a significant part in working with travel exchange to assist the economy and for financial turn of events.

Tending to the class, the Deputy Regional Police leader for the Upper East, DCOP Alexander Afenyo, lauded the Ghana Shippers’ Authority for getting sorted out the studio to sharpen cops on travel exchange along Ghana’s travel passageways.

He stressed the essential job the Police play in getting the significant vehicle passages of the nation and particularly the security of travel along the Tema-Paga travel passageway. He approached partners, for example, the Customs Division of the GRA, Transporters, Truck drivers to help out the Police in the authorization of Road Traffic Regulations.

The refinement workshop occurred on 30th November and structures part of the series of comparative courses coordinated for Police Officers in the Ashanti, Bono, Bono East and Northern Regions of Ghana.

He noticed that the IGP, Dr. George Akuffo Dampare was extremely specific with regards to the polished methodology of the Police power and encouraged all officials sent along the significant travel halls to guarantee demonstrable skill and stay away from acts that will subvert the picture of the Police Service. He spoke to the Ghana Shippers’ Authority to sharpen travel transporters to comply with street traffic guidelines and assist the Police with advancing exchange help along our significant travel halls.

Supt. Dr. Sasu Mensah, Director of Operations, Ghana Police Service MTTD, who filled in as one of the Resource people at the Seminar underscored the requirement for Police Officers to work with travel exchange and guarantee travel trucks are not unduly postponed.

He refered to the occurrence by which some Police officials get into a showdown with travel transporters which was influencing the impression of police provocation. He approached MTTD Officers sent along the passage to show polished methodology in the implementation of street traffic guidelines. His show was named, “The Role of the Police in working with travel exchange”.

The Principal Freight and Logistics Officer, Mr. Abdul Haki Bashiru-Dine, additionally took members through the commitment of the travel exchange to the economy of Ghana. In his show, he illustrated the lawful commitments on Ghana to work with travel exchange through its passageways under worldwide law, the advantages of travel exchange to the port and public economy, an outline of the difficulties looked by travel transporters along Ghana’s travel hallways, the way forward to conquer the difficulties.

Altogether, 38 Senior Officers participated in the class.