Sierra Leone: Victims of blast buried in mass ceremony

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The assortments of many a greater number of than 100 casualties killed during a blast in Sierra Leone last week were covered in a mass function on Monday in Waterloo.

The caskets were moved in military trucks from the funeral home in the capital Freetown to the graveyard in Waterloo, an adjoining city.

The trucks passed by the site of the blast, where individuals remained in the road to offer their final appreciation to the people in question.

At the graveyard, family members and laborers – wearing defensive garments to cover the bodies – followed the trucks while crying and covered their countenances.

Many caskets were fixed up covered with the Sierrra Leone’s banner perusing “Find happiness in the hereafter”, during the function went to by Sierra Leone President Julius Maadia Bio, and different authorities.

“We will explore what occurred,” Bio said in a short discourse during the entombment and approached specialists and society to cooperate “to perceive what we can do to prevent these fiascos from happening to us”.

The blast occurred late on Friday when a big hauler slammed into one more truck as it was maneuvering into a service station almost a bustling crossing point in Wellington, only east of the capital, as per the National Disaster Management Agency.

The oil big hauler truck detonated, killing in excess of 100 individuals and seriously harming many others after huge groups assembled to gather spilling fuel, authorities and witnesses said.

In this profoundly devastated country, swarms actually surged in to gather up fuel, witnesses said. It was not promptly realized what caused the spilling fuel to touch off however a gigantic blast before long followed.

The nation announced three days of public grieving.