Simi explains title of her new song ‘Duduke’

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Singer Simi has explained to her nosy fans and followers on social media what the title of her new single, Duduke, means.

The soon-to-be mum released the track alongside a music video in which she showed off her baby bump in full swing.

‘Duduke’ is her first official single for 2020.

Simi got many people curious as some even wondered if it’s the name she would give to her unborn child.

Well, she has taken time out on Instagram to explain it all.

“So many people have asked me what #duduke – it’s the beat of your heart or the beat of the drums you move your body to, or the beat you sing a melody to – it’s whatever beat you want it to be. I know (you know) why I made this song, but I want you to make it your own. Enjoy yourself. No limits. That’s the beauty of true music,” She wrote on Instagram.

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