Stakeholders urged to ramp up education on E-levy ahead of 1st May start date

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With about 10 days to go, to the highly anticipated implementation of the Electronic transfer Levy (E-Levy) by the Ghana Revenue Authority, the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications, is calling for a ramping up of education by the various stakeholders on the project to ensure the public is adequately informed.

The levy of 1.5 % on selected electronic transfers, which for about 4 months faced stiff rejection from the minority in parliament along with other Civil Society Organization (CSO’s), was passed and assented to by the President late last month.

Speaking to Citi Business News on preparation towards the levy’s implementation, Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications, Ing. Dr. Kenneth Ashigbey said it is critical that education on the key aspects of the E-levy is done for the general public, to deal with misconceptions among others.

“In the conversations we’ve had with the Minister with GRA present, there’ve been two sides of the coin. There’s the technical side but most important is the communication side. How are you going to ensure you educate the consumers so that they understand how this will work and what it will mean and the likes ?. So I’m sure that once the technical side is firmed up, we should be seeing some ramping up of communications and it’s something I’m sure the GRA will lead.”

“A lot of the education will help clear the misconceptions surrounding the E-Levy, so that we don’t suffer any unintended consequences,” he added.