Steve Park Says Their Customers Are Phoning To Express Worry About The Suez Canal Blockage

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Writer: Amewunoo Walter

The Director of Seaport Freight Services, Steve Parks has stated their customers are phoning them to express their worries after hearing the Suez Canal continues to be blocked by a Taiwanese mega-container ship.

The shipping and freight-forwarding company at the Port of Felixstowe has 20 containers of goods on the Ever Given as it’s stranded four days in a row.

Steve Parks talking to BBC noted that they are waiting on food goods which include milk and syrups, some Amazon goods, spare parts of motors, forklift trucks, and others.

He explained that some customers are calling them to check on when it’s going to be resolved.

The Taiwanese mega-container ship which is 400m-long (1,312ft) Ever Given is operated by Evergreen Marine and it’s one of the largest biggest container vessels.

After a gust of wind blew the ship it ran aground and became lodged sideways across the waterway on Tuesday blocking one of the world’s busiest trade routes.

According to tracking data from Lloyd’s List more than 160 vessels are waiting at either end of the canal as the mega-container ship is causing a huge tailback of other ships trying to pass through the Suez Canal.