Summary of accidents at Turkish ports during Nov 19 storm

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Nov 22, 2023 at 03:46 in Accidents by Mikhail Voytenko

2 ships lost or sank, 12 crew missing, 8 ships damaged. Summary may not be complete and some accidents are probably, overlooked.

Black sea: Eregli, Nov 19:

General cargo ship (river-sea type) PALLADA, IMO 8866931, dwt 3180, built 1968, flag Cameroon – broke in two, 13 crew safe.

General cargo ship KAFKAMETLER, IMO 9001112, dwt 3134, built 1992, flag Turkey – hit breakwater, sank, 12 crew understood perished.

General cargo ship FALCONA, IMO 8891376, dwt 2151, built 1987, flag Cameroon
General cargo ship ENKO HASLAMAN, IMO 9384978, dwt 3375, built 2006, flag Turkey

General cargo ship SORMOVSKIY 45, IMO 8133566, dwt 3346, built 1982, flag Cameroon – broke off moorings, contact, damaged.

General cargo ship MILA, IMO 8865987, dwt 3193, built 1972, flag Togo – broke off moorings, minor damages.

Marmara sea: Gemlik, Yalova, Gebze, Nov 19:

General cargo ship QUEEN STAR, IMO 8213718, dwt 4921, built 1983, flag Cameroon – Gemlik, cargo shift, list, stabilized.

General cargo ship DENIA, IMO 7324273, dwt 3134, built 1973, flag Tanzania – Yalova ship repair yard, broke off moorings, contact, hull breached, water ingress, developing list. Situation was taken under control, capsize avoided.

Product tanker VF TANKER 11, IMO 9645009, dwt 6980, built 2012, flag Russia – Yalova ship repair yard, hit by breakaway unidentified cargo ship, sustained damages.

Bulk carrier STRATEGIC FORTITUDE, IMO 9753387, dwt 37829, built 2016, flag Singapore – Darica port Gebze, hitting pier being moored, both ship and pier damaged.