Tackle political inferences in tasks of TOR – Energy Consultant

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Story by: Norvisi Eyiram Mawunyegah

Energy Consultant, Dr Yussif Sulemana has applauded the government for its assurance to restore, Tema Oil Refinery (TOR).The refinery, not operating for a while now due to several challenges, including the inability to pay its workers.

Matthew Opoku Prempeh Energy Minister, in a recent visit to TOR, said in a statement that government will do its bid within its power to ensure the refinery resumes full operations.Dr Sulemana applauding the Energy Minister samely stressed that issues of political interference should be addressed. “I was expecting the minister to flip the coin and touch the other side of it because I see the issues of the refinery emanating from two areas, internal and external. The internal is supposed to be what the minister talked about which I think is even the lesser if I want to match the two, so I see the external factors as the topmost that the minister has to put a lot of energy into to ensure that external interferences are dealt with and dealt with very well.”

He added that “Even if the internal issues that have to do with efficiency and stuff I think are minor and can easily be solved are taken care of and we still have so much interference from sometimes the political leadership of the day, sometimes businessmen who in a way will have some strong political connections that can interfere with the operations of the refinery directly or indirectly that should be looked at as well.

And so these two areas are paramount so going forward I think the minister has to walk the talk and that is critical, all the statements that he mentioned during the visit if he is to live by them I think the refinery will be a better place to be and it will be in the benefit of the entire country.” The Energy Minister during his vetting said he would get “TOR” back on its feet if given the mandate.

After his approval, he firstly visits the refinery where he stated that “TOR is a strategic national asset, we will keep it so and ensure that TOR grows from strength to strength, anyone working here management or ordinary who thinks his activities will not lead to the promotion of TOR should find himself a better place to work. I said it to the union leaders, and they did not love it, it is not the duty of the workers to tell who manages TOR. It is the duty of the management of TOR to ensure that TOR grows to become a profitable healthy concern, and if they are not up to it, it will be up to the owners of TOR to bring in the necessary change to affect that healthy relationship.”

Lack of crude caused TOR to shut down over two years, as officials of the facility were unable to raise letters of acclaim. Concerned stakeholders have called on the government to take measures in saving the refinery.