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Taiwan purchases 20,400 bottles of Lithuanian rum that China has refused.

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After buying 20,400 bottles of Lithuanian rum intended for China amid a dispute between Vilnius and Beijing, Taiwan’s government is sharing cocktail recipes with the public.

After realizing that the cargo would be banned by Chinese officials, the state-owned Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor (TTL) made the purchase in December to help Lithuania.

“TTL rose to the occasion at the appropriate time, purchased the rum, and delivered it to Taiwan,” the business claimed in a statement obtained by the South China Morning Post. “We support Lithuania, and Lithuania supports us — TTL proposes a toast to that.”

Since announcing the establishment of bilateral diplomatic posts with Taiwan, Lithuania has been subjected to trade and other restrictions as a result of its diplomatic conflict with Beijing.

According to reports, Taiwan’s finance ministry, which controls 100% of TTL, and Eric Huang, the de facto ambassador to Lithuania, heard that China would refuse the shipment and told TTL.