Task Force To Check illegal Transport Fares Set Up

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A joint Task Force has been set up to guarantee consistency of existing vehicle passages while the initiative of the Road Transport Operators proceeds with its commitment with the government to decide new admissions following the presentation of new assessments on oil-based goods.

The Task Force is comprised of staff from the Ghana Road Transport Coordinating Council (GRTCC), PROTOA, and the Ghana Private Roads Transport Union (GPRTU) of TUC among others.

They will be working in a joint effort with the security offices to visit the different transport terminals in the nation to guarantee consistency of existing vehicle passages.

The development of the Task Force was prodded by the new declaration of a 20% augmentation in transport passages by some business street transport administrators including the Truth Drivers Union, Concern Drivers Association, and some others without response to the law and set down standards.

Government, GPRTU, PROTOA, GRTCC, and other perceived street transport administrators have depicted the move as illicit, encouraging the overall population to ignore the implied expansion in transport passages since they are still at the arrangement table to decide new vehicle admissions that will be worthy by all.

In a joint articulation endorsed by the General Secretaries of the GPRTU of TUC, Ghana, and GRTCC, Mr. Godfred Abulbire and Mr. Emmanuel Ohene Yeboah, and delivered in Accra on Tuesday, May 18, 2021, the Road Transport Operators are encouraging every one of its individuals not to take part in wrongdoing by charging unapproved transport tolls.

The assertion likewise asked all Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Administrations to guarantee exacting consistence of the current charges.

“We wish to illuminate the individuals that we have not laid on our paddles yet have been in the arrangement of dealings with partners to decide a fitting change in the vehicle passages. At the point when arrangements are finished up, we will advise Members and the overall population likewise”, the assertion to some extent read.

It added “We are accordingly by this assertion, importuning every one of our individuals not to take part in the lawlessness. The Task Force will visit the different terminals to check consistency to this mandate”.