Tesla Slams German Red Tape Ahead Of Planned Site Opening

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Tesla sharply criticized lengthy regulatory processes in Germany before the planned opening of its first European gigafactory this summer.

Tesla plans to possess the factory up and running by Dominion Day, 2021 to start out building its electric crossover, the Model Y but the method has been slow and sophisticated by environmental disputes.

A Tesla spokesman confirmed the plant’s opening was still scheduled for the summer, adding up to 500,000 Model Y cars that might be produced there annually once the factory is completed.

In December, Tesla was told by a court to suspend the clearing of a forest at the location of the proposed factory after environmentalists said lowering more trees could endanger hibernating snakes.

“The German approval framework for industrial and infrastructure projects also as spatial planning directly contradicts the urgency to plan and realize such projects that’s necessary to battle global climate change,” Tesla said during a letter to an area court seen by Reuters.

Tesla, within the letter dated April 7, said it had been “particularly irritating” that there was still no timetable for the ultimate approval of the plant, located in Gruenheide outside Berlin, 16 months after the carmaker applied for it.

It remains unclear when Tesla will receive final approval for the location. a choice by the environmental agency had been expected months ago.

The letter, first reported by newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, urges authorities to hurry up processes to make sure investors have more transparency about when their investments in climate-friendly technologies pay off.

Red tape in Germany has also been a drag within the area of wind energy expansion, with some projects taking several years from application to realization.