Tesla to feature EV components recycling facilities at Shanghai factory

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U.S. electric vehicle (EV) maker Tesla Inc plans to feature facilities at its Shanghai factory to repair and reproduce key components like electric motors and battery cells, a document submitted by Tesla to Shanghai authorities shows.

China, the world’s biggest car market, sold over 1.3 million electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles last year. China’s regulators are adding rules on recycling of key EV components to save lots of materials and protect the environment.

The document also said Tesla will add manufacturing capacities for car structures and motor controllers. It didn’t put detailed figures of its manufacturing capacities.

Tesla, which is making electric Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, is expanding manufacturing capacity of EV components to localise the availability chain. It also added a factory to form EV chargers in Shanghai last year.

Tesla, which said on its website that materials during a Tesla car’s battery are recoverable and recyclable, didn’t immediately answer an invitation for comment.

Tesla sold quite 35,000 locally-made vehicles last month in China and is exporting China-made cars to Europe.