The Miz ‘; Hannibal’ Ought Be Expelled Forever Over Ref Stabbing

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The Miz believes that the wrestler who repeatedly stabbed a referee in the skull with an iron spike should never be employed again and should be permanently barred from the squared circle.

“You don’t do that stuff,” the WWE superstar told us out at LAX on Tuesday … “That didn’t look like a mistake. “If you missed it, Devon Nicholson, aka “Hannibal,” severely injured a referee on Saturday during a match at an independent event in Irving, Texas.

In video from the incident, Nicholson can be seen repeatedly pounding on the guy’s forehead with a stake, causing the man to bleed significantly in the ring. The referee, Lando Deltoro, was eventually hospitalized as a result of the incident… but he’s expected to make a full recovery.

When we approached The Miz about it all three days later in Los Angeles, he stated he’d support a lifetime ban for the wrestler. “Accidents happen,” The Miz explained, “but I don’t get stabbed with whatever the hell the guy had.

“For his side, Nicholson claims he was unaware he was injuring the referee, and that Deltoro never informed him that he was harmed during the show. Deltoro, for his part, stated he had no way of telling Nicholson to stop, claiming the wrestler was too huge and powerful to utter anything before passing out.

World Class Pro Wrestling — which put on the event — has barred Nicholson from all of its future events.

Story by : Norvisi Mawunyegah