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A nationwide SIM card registration began on 1st October 2021. This is a 6-month long exercise expected to end on 31st March 2021. This exercise is essential in abolishing fraudulent acts and also enhancing the SIM database. It will also help in the determination of the exact number of valid SIM cards on the various telecommunication networks. The Ghana card is the only National Identification Card required for this exercise. Forsuccessful registration, individuals must go through 9 steps. After the 8th step, individuals are expected to submit their details provided to their various service providers for confirmation.

In this modern age, almost everyone owns a mobile phone. Ghana, currently, has a population of 31,884,625 which means a majority of the population is required to undergo this exercise.  With regards to the last step of registration, individuals are expected to visit service providers physically to complete the registration which would result in long queues amidst this covid 19 era.  Due to the decline in new covid 19 cases, a lot of people have it in mind that the virus no longer exists therefore their nonchalant attitude.

Again, this last step for the registration of SIM cards is not favorable for the majority working class. It is unprofessional to carry out other activities during working hours. Leaving the working environment to form long queues at various service provider offices for registration will be a waste of time and income for businesses. Individuals with multiple sim cards are expected to visit more than one service providers’ office to complete their sim card registration. This corroborates the view that it is indeed a waste of time and money.

The world is changing fast due to technological advancement. Technology is a very vitalpart of society today because it has made life easier and stress-free.  It is important not to be left behind. We believe that with the right technology tool, every individual in Ghana can successfully register their SIM cards at the comfort of their homes or workplaces without necessarily going to form long queues and risking the possibility of getting affected with covid-19 and wasting precious time.

Also, we are of the view that, if registration is done solely online, it will save businesses some time and money which they are likely to lose due to waiting in long queues for registration.

In conclusion, the ongoing SIM card registration is an impressive initiative that will help curb the rising issues of identity theft and fraud. However, the National Communications Authority needs to take advantage of technology to make registration easier and stress-free. Technology, when taken advantage of can create an avenue for more creative minds hence, enhance the development of the nation.