The World Bank grants Ghana US$103 million for the rehabilitation of abandoned mines

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Henry Kwabena Kokofu, Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), disclosed that the Government of Ghana has secured US$103 million from the World Bank for the rehabilitation of abandoned mines across the country.

 The money is expected to be used to reclaim and restore small-scale mining sites for viable economic activities. He stated that they are going to employ the three R’s; Reclaim, Rehabilitate, and Restore.

Dr. Kokofu made this declaration while responding to a question during the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament. He also stated that the EPA was working to ensure that all small-scale mining companies in operation post a reclamation bond before their licenses are validated.

According to him, posting a reclamation bond would ensure that small-scale miners (legal and illegal) who degrade the environment are traced.