Tiktok To Soon Add Auto-generated Caption To Videos In Accessibility Push

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An auto-generated caption is soon to be added to Tiktok to help creators as the app attempts to make itself more accessible.

The option to add auto-captions is said to appear on the editing page after the video is recorded or uploaded. The feature will be available in American English and Japanese for the start but has plans to add support for other languages in the coming months.

The video streaming platform is adding this new feature to make videos easier to watch for deaf and hard of hearing viewers as they added that the dialogue box also says the feature is useful for anyone watching videos when it’s inconvenient for them to listen to audio.

According to Tiktok Video creators can edit their captions after they automatically generate and then fix any mistakes and viewers can also turn captions off via the captions button on the share side.

Automatic transcription has gotten better over the years and many services are adding it to their platforms including google putting the feature in Chrome to allow it to generate captions for audio played through the browser