Togo’s president agrees to mediate Mali crisis

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Togolese President Faure Gnassingbé welcomed Wednesday Mali’s request of mediation.

“The president and his government are ready to facilitate a fruitful dialogue between Mali, and the International Community”, Togolese Foreign Minister Robert Dussey confirmed.

Abdoulaye Diop, Mali’s Foreign minister, conveyed President Colonel Assimi Goïta’s request during a two-day visit to Lome.

The Malian authorities ask for help after failing to convince regional partners to welcome their 2-year transition proposal.

If Ecowas demanded the holding of elections within a 12 to 16 months period, Malian authorities have so far refused -despite pressure and sanctions- citing security concerns.

Malian troops have been fighting a jihadist insurgency in large portions of the territory. In 2013, they were joined by European troops but the insurgency was never fully quelled and it extended in neighboring countries.