TSMC Chairman, Mark Liu Says US-China Trade Tension Worsened Chip Crash

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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing company Chairman, Mark Liu has said that the U.S. – China trade tension has contributed to the chip shortage and the global efforts to develop self-sufficiency in chip production is economically unrealistic.

Speaking at an industry event in Hsinchu to reporters as the chairman, he indicated that the uncertainty around the relationship of the U.S. and China led to the shift in the supply chain and pushed some firms to double up on orders to secure inventory.

Liu said the uncertainties led to double booking but the actual capacity is large than demand adding that those concerns are resolved depends on the future negotiations of the US and China.

TSMC is the world-leading manufacturer of advanced Semiconductors that every tech company relies on including Apple Inc. and Chairman Mark Liu noted that each country developing its domestic semiconductor industry would lead to “non-profitable” capacity.