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TUC dismisses concerns that salaries of workers won’t be increased

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The initiative of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) has excused worries that compensations of laborers won’t be expanded during this time of the COVID-19

Mr. Joshua Ansah, Deputy Secretary-General at the TUC disclosed to Dzifa Bamph on the First Take on 3FM Wednesday, May 5 that the three-sided board of trustees liable for the assurance of the new the lowest pay permitted by law has not finished upon any such choice.

Aside from the three-sided board of trustees, he clarified, no other individual can without any assistance make an assurance regarding whether compensations of laborers will be expanded.

“Nobody gathering can simply sit in their own usual range of familiarity and decide compensation of laborers of this country.

“Pay rates are dictated by the three-sided panel and to the extent, I am mindful, to the extent the three-sided board has not finished up the dealings, I can’t say and no one can likewise that compensation [increment] will be frozen for this period.

“I imagine that we should all cautious when the exchanges for the lowest pay permitted by law begin and toward the finish of the dealings you will all know the result of the gathering. However, as far as I might be concerned, as I stay here this moment, it is extremely unlikely that I can say that there won’t be pay increment on the grounds that three-sided has decided no or zero compensation increment.

“Allow us to trust that the three-sided board of trustees will be up and doing and afterward concoct what is generally anticipated of the advisory group.”

With respect to choice by President Akufo-Addo to freeze his compensation increase for one or the other his bad habit and any remaining deputies of the leader, he said ” But for the present, if the public authority and representatives have frozen their earnings, we say thanks to God that they have done it.

“In any case, on the off chance that you contrast their pay rates with the standard specialists to a deputy I think the thing that matters is clear and it’s absolutely impossible laborers will say that they are likewise freezing our compensations. Laborers had effectively forfeited for complete one year.”

At the point when Dzifa found out if it would have been a major penance if the government has said that toward the finish of the four years they would not take ex gratia, he said “That is it. In any case, when they didn’t discuss the ex gratia and they are discussing month-to-month pay, I wear t think it is sufficient.”