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Tunisia: Ennahda party leaders to face questioning by police

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Tunisian opposition leaders will be questioned by the police on Monday. The chief of the Islamist party Ennahdha Rachid Ghannouchi, and his right-hand man Ali Larayedh were summoned by the country’s anti-terrorism unit.

According to party officials, quoted by Reuters, the Ennhada leaders are questioned for allegedly “sending jihadists to Syria”.

Ghannouchi told the news agency he was unaware of the reasons he’ll have to appear before the police.

On the party’s Facebook page, a statement read Sunday that the group “had always respected the judiciary”, accusing the authorities of “targeting the opposition” and a diversion off “the actual economic and social difficulties the party faces”.

Ghannouchi who’s 81 has been under investigation since June amid allegations of corruption and money laundering.