Tunisians protest against president Saied’s exceptional measures

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Great many Tunisian demonstrators have accumulated in the capital on Sunday to challenge President Kais Saied’s “uncommon measures”.

Government pundits have depicted the most recent measures as “an upset”.

Toward the finish of July Kais Saied’s excused the Prime Minister and froze parliament.

Many consider the to be’s most recent activities as a re-visitation of totalitarianism and the state of affairs that prompted the Arab Spring in 2011.

“The future in Tunisia is truly alarming to me. For the time being we don’t have a clue what we will have as establishments. We don’t have a parliament, we don’t have popular government in our country. I’m truly terrified”, said Raja Masmoudi, an educator who participated in the show in Tunis.

“We need this group to be multiple times more, and in Tunis as well as in all the governorates, in every one of the large refers to, (the exhibitions) must be all over. We need to get to the phase of common defiance, since, in such a case that Kais Saied and assuming the individuals who did the overthrow stay set up, Tunisia will be monetarily destroyed and we will have a common conflict, similar to Lebanon 40 years prior” claims Mohamed Souhail, a 63 year old architect.

In the most recent pontoon of measures, on September 22nd, the President somewhat suspended the 2014 constitution enabling himself to administer by pronouncement.

President Saied supported his activities by saying he is saving the country from a triple financial, political and wellbeing emergency.