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U.N. refugee agency alarmed by migrants at Poland-Belarus border

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The U.N. refugee agency UNHCR communicated worry on Tuesday around many travelers set up camp close to the Belarus line with Poland and required a finish to powerless peole being utilized as political pawns.

“We are exceptionally frightened by the scenes that we are seeing from the Belarus-Poland line,” UNHCR representative Shabia Mantoo told a U.N. preparation, adding that the agency was especially stressed over the destiny of ladies and kids in the locale.

“We have more than once said that utilizing refugees, haven searchers and transients to accomplish political finishes is inadmissible and should stop,” she added.

Poland has blamed Belarus for attempting to start a significant showdown by empowering the transients to cross into Poland and the European Union. (Detailing by Emma Thomasson, altering by Thomas Escritt