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UK Offers Asylum Seekers £3,000 to Relocate to Rwanda

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Reports indicate that migrants whose asylum claims are rejected by the United Kingdom will be offered £3,000 ($3,800) to relocate to Rwanda. While the UK already has a scheme in place to assist failed asylum seekers in returning to their home countries, this new initiative is specifically aimed at individuals who are unable to return to their countries of origin.

This cash incentive, part of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s broader strategy to curb irregular migration, supplements existing efforts rather than replacing them. Despite previous plans to deport illegal arrivals to Rwanda being halted by courts due to safety concerns regarding the East African nation, the government has proposed designating Rwanda as a safe country to circumvent these legal obstacles.

However, the government’s efforts faced setbacks when the House of Lords passed five amendments to the proposed legislation, complicating the process of declaring Rwanda as “safe” and necessitating compliance with domestic and international law. The bill also grants ministers the authority to disregard certain provisions of the Human Rights Act.

Despite these challenges, Kigali has received $300 million from London for agreeing to accept deportees. Nonetheless, no deportation flights have occurred under the April 2022 agreement due to legal challenges and international criticism.

Prime Minister Sunak remains determined to move forward with the plan, despite opposition and legal hurdles.