Unemployment in France increased slightly in third quarter.

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According to official figures released on Friday, France’s jobless rate increased slightly in the third quarter but stayed at levels observed before the COVID-19 crisis.

According to the INSEE statistics office, the jobless rate increased to 8.1 percent in the third quarter, the same as it was at the end of 2019, up from 8.0 percent in the preceding three months.

For the third quarter, analysts surveyed predicted an unemployment rate of 7.8%. As the French economy recovers from the epidemic, several industries are experiencing labour shortages as businesses battle to satisfy rising consumer demand.

The unemployment rate, on the other hand, has not declined in lockstep since there are more individuals looking for work as people who sat on the sidelines during the crisis return to the workforce.

As a result of a rebound in consumer spending following a major vaccination campaign, the French government has upped its growth prediction numerous times this year, and now expects 6.25 percent growth.

Story by : Norvisi Mawunyegah