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US vote: few states to decide winner

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By Isaac Newton Tetteh –

The race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is on a knife-edge, with no clear winner as vote-counting continues.

Results suggest a tight contest in important battlegrounds: Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Trump is so far projected to win 23 states, including Texas, Ohio and must-win Florida, having outperformed pollsters’ predictions.

The president makes baseless claims of fraud and says he will launch a Supreme Court challenge even though millions of votes are still to be counted. Biden could take Arizona, but is facing a much tougher fight than expected in Nevada. He says he is “on track to win”.

His campaign calls President’s Trump statement “outrageous”, adding: “The counting will not stop”
The US is on course for its highest turnout in more than a century, and we might not have a result for days

Source. BBC. Com

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