Vanessa Bryant should share Medical Records to L.A. County; Judge rules

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Vanessa Bryant will have to share some of her medical data with L.A. County, according to the judge, because she has raised the subject of her “emotional anguish.”

Kobe Bryant’s widow had attempted to deny the County access to her medical records, citing doctor- patient privilege in relation to her appointments to a psychologist.

Vanessa is suing L.A. County for distributing crash site images that included the corpses of the victims, as you may be aware. She said that knowing the images were public caused her “continuous fear and anxiety,” and that she had difficulties sleeping and was unhappy as a result.

The County’s defense attorneys requested Vanessa’s medical records in order to assess if her trauma was caused by the alleged photo leak or by the catastrophic helicopter crash itself.

The judge stated in the finding that the medical records were relevant and that the County was “neither harsh nor harassing” in asking them. Vanessa has until November 29 to turn over the records, according to the judge.

Story by : Norvisi Mawunyegah