Veep Dr. Bawumia Says Leakages In Petroleum Product Distribution Worrying

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Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, Vice President of Ghana in course to curb Illicit activities in the petroleum downstream has launched an innovative Digit Retail Fuel Monitoring System by the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) in the Nation’s capital, Accra.

OMC tanks across the country will be monitored by NPA through the Fuel Monitoring System to curb Illicit activities like unauthorized third-party deliveries, fake receipts, smuggling, and others and to ensure that any OMC that receives illegal fuel would be fished out.

The vice president launched the programme on Wednesday, April 7 in Accra as he commended the NPA for leveraging on the government’s digitalization drive to create an innovative solution to a major problem in the petroleum industry.

Dr. Bawumia disclosed staggering losses in petroleum revenue to the government due to illegal activities in petroleum distribution noting that the initiative will end the malady of revenue loss and boost the government’s revenue.

He added that “Actions, decisions, and policies of individuals and corporate bodies which result in petroleum product distribution leakages and the associated revenue losses to the State have serious negative effects on the developmental agenda of the government.”

“With this latest initiative of the Retail Outlet Fuel Monitoring System, we look forward to blocking revenue leakages and improving revenue mobilization that would contribute to Government’s efforts to providing social services and funding for infrastructural development.”