We Are The Largest Manufacturing Group Exporter in Stock Market Of Steel Product -B5 Chairman Mukesh Thakwani

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Story by: Norvisi Eyiram Mawunyegah

Date: April 8th 2021

The B5 GROUP has become the biggest net exporter, manufacture of steel product and largest stock market in West Africa Mukesh Thakwani CEO of B5 said. The company having currently fifteen thousand employers and looking forward to expanding to twenty thousand real soon. The firm has impacted big investments prefabrication of steel products making factories, tankers and many more. Embarking on backward integration projects of collecting scrubs, producing iron rods ,different steel products, also managed to safe more than a 100million $ in the foreign exchange amid cedi depreciation .

The group chairman stressed on appreciating made in Ghana goods in reference to cheap products imported into the country and on the rise in market. The high rate of inferior goods has affected the production and economy, “we are running our Fabrication only to the capacity of 40% because the is a lot of cheap import which is coming and we cannot expand further to increase our capacity” He added.

As responsibility are huge the supply of electro power must be smooth not to affect productivity in regards to “dumsor”,power supply must be made moderate as the charge rate is 17 cents per kilo watts hour in term of production and competition from other countries to make the job easier. Getting  three transformers in less than one year on their new plants and stressed on landgaurds disturbances on land properties even caused double payment of same land and tarrifes.The company given initiatives of tax exemptions under 1D1F is taking time of long processing by in charges.

Requesting products produced in the country should have an identity “ban” on them to regulate the situation to help the country survive cheap importation of goods currently talking with ministry of trade. Barrier of transportation of goods by road to other neighboring countries like Ivory Coast must be attended to and addressed.

Impacting others areas, about 200 people has been taught how to fish by their team experts in the last six month to help communities ,promoting education “DPS” award winning school with international standard well equipped plays a key role in the line of education.