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Zambia’s Hichilema meets US Vice President

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US Vice President Kamala Harris met at the White House complex Wednesday with Zambia’s recently chosen president, long-term resistance pioneer Hakainde Hichilema.

Harris invited Hichilema to the VP’s stately office, saying he is the main Zambian pioneer to visit the White House since 1992.

Harris lauded Hichilema for his memorable triumph in August, calling it “vote based system in real life.”

The 59-year-old convincingly won the strained, now and again vicious Aug. 12 decisions by getting more than 2.8 million votes to active president Edgar Lungu’s 1.8 million votes, accomplishing one of the greatest appointive successes in Zambia’s set of experiences.

As far as concerns him, Hichilema complimented Harris and President Joe Biden for their November 2020 White House win in a “unequivocal way.” He revealed to Harris his organization is “emulating your example.”

“We, as well, were conveyed by individuals of Zambia considerably, under extremely challenging conditions,” Hichilema said.